Was it a “spy balloon” at all? To US media outlets it didn’t matter, what matters is something Bad And Dire and Sinister has happened and we must all…

January 2023

A phoned-in editorial shows that elite consensus makers aren’t even bothering to run through the motions of substantive reform.
Both are costing the public hundreds of millions of dollars, but only one generates outrage and cries for crackdowns.
We cannot name the hate campaign against LGBTQ people, because to do this we would have to acknowledge it’s not simply a “gender issue”—but a campaign…

December 2022

Our system is set up to create mutual antagonism between members of the working class. Meanwhile, faceless corporate executives remain shielded like mob…
The past few days shows how undisclosed influence by weapons makers and Gulf despots defines the foreign policy “think tank” world.
Over the past three weeks, CNN, NBC News, CBS News, and ABC News have dedicated a total of 1 minute and 40 seconds to the 50,000-strong California…

November 2022

A report of poverty and systemic failures becomes a tale of individual moral failings.
This past week, NBC News, ABC News, Fox and CBS News ran a total of 1 min 40 seconds of coverage of the 48,000-strong California University system…
It turns out media content isn't simply an organic expression of consumer demand.
Billionaire “philanthropy” as transparent PR device.
The Musk Twitter meltdown shows how warped notions of who has power and who doesn’t define right-wing grievance politics.